The Assassin Blade: Review

Overall I loved this collection of short stories that go along with this book series. It was so much fun and interesting reading about the lead character before thorn of glass. It felt to me like complete story and was so glad I read them all at once. These I think are essential to the series and i rec. you reading them after the first book in the series. I think you need to have read that book so the story makes sense to you. I loved finally meeting Sam and getting a picture of the leader of assians. It also makes it even more heartbreaking what happen to her now in book four of this series. 


I think my favorite was the healer story and I hold out hope will we will see that character again because she seems so cool. I also loved the final story in this collection and the Empire it broke my heart but it really made me feel for the lead character. 


Check out my video review below.