More Happy Then Not: by Adam Silvera

This book is one of the those books that needs to be re-read. I really enjoy this book and the twist caught me off guard and kind of shocked me. This book follows this Aaron and in this book there is a procedure that could make me your forget certain memories. It is basically the sunshine of the spotless mind premise but in a new unique way.  This book does deal with a gay protagonist but it was harsher look at it and something that I think realy does occur in the world today. This book was hard to read at points but the message was clear and I enjoyed it. It really made me think and consider a lot of hot button issues that are often not addressed in young adult novels.  This book is not a fluffy romance and it is very heartbreaking at points and sad. I rec. this book if you want harsher finding yourself novel but a good fast paced read. 


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