Chassing impossible: Pushing the limits novel

I loved LOVED learning more about Abby and Logan in this story. It is one of my favorite stories in this series and deals with really unexpected circumstances that I did not expect like being diabetic and altimizers with grandparents. I loved seeing more of these characters but also learning so much more. I know Katie MGary focus is on her new series but I want more form these characters one day.


I loved the fact the abby got shot because it really took me by surprise and all the random facts we learned about her that made me actions in the rest of the series make more sense. 


I think this book also really focused on how all these friends act as unit and that is so amazing to me because I love all these characters that we have meet in this series and it was nice to see them "happy" at the end of this novel.


If you want a good, fast pace, beach read. pick this up; a contempery series that really caught my heart!


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