The night we said yes

The Night We Said Yes - Lauren Gibaldi

I really love this book. I gave a high rating. It was the prefect summer read and reminded me alot of since you've been gone. In that it focuses on past and present times. It also focuses on tasks that they need to "say yes to" I just loved this concept. It was a fun way to structure a book. The romance between Ella and Matt was at the heart of this book but it also focuses on becoming your own person, friendship and future plans. I think all this topics together made this book a great summer read. It was so fast pace and quick. I wanted to see what happen to these characters as fast i could. I know we are getting mat POV in an e novela in august and his story was really complex and i would love to see that story from his eyes,


I great fast pace summer read. Remind of both Amy and Rodger epic detour and Since you've been gone.


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