Emmy and Oilver

This book blew me away. I love the t.v show finding carter but this really was a book that kept me guessing and I wanted to know what was going to happen next. 


This book follows the character Emmy and when she was 6 her best friend went missing. He was kidnapped by his father and they never saw each other again. 16 years later and Oilver comes home and it drama filled book that makes you question who or what is home to Oilver and where should he be? i really loved how this book really showed how this once act effected Emmy life, even though she was the one being left behind. She was basically kept in glass bible because her parents were so scared of what "could" happen to her, that they did not really let her live.


Emmy really became not vessel character in this book. At the start the character was in holding pattern and Oilver coming home and that drama really cause Emmy to change so much. I liked how Oliver feelings were not black in white but in shades of grey about everybody he left behind and his father. 


If you like finding carter or the face on a milk carton (Movie) check this book:


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