Falling Kingdoms By Morgan Rhodes

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Falling Kingdoms - Morgan Rhodes, Michelle Rowen

I really liked this book. Many books claim to be very Games of thrones inspired but this is the first book that I think really captured the same brutally the GRR Martin has in that series. 


This books follows three different kingdoms that all used to be part of a larger country. One Country is in total power and the other two are just struggling to get surviving. This books follows all the teens in these places and it so fast paced novel. I was not expecting the death in this book and really grew attached to characters. I did see many similar topics that are in GOT so it was hard to give it five stars. I hope that after this book it really becomes something more individual and less predictable but I really loved how this book just captured me and and I liked all the characters.


This book is great for fans of GOT or Mortal instruments. 


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