Since you've been gone

Since You've Been Gone - Morgan Matson

I really loved this book. I saw myself so much in the character of emily and also some of my own friend in the character of sloane. It is about his girl name emily who friend family falls of the grid one summer and all she leaves behind is a list of 13 things she wants emily to complete.


Emily is a very sheltered girl and she does not like to break her out of her comfort zone especially without her friend there, she is utterly lost but she eventually finds friends that make the summer adventure fun again and she winds up completing her list and in the end finding out what happen to Sloan. i really love how these simple things were really able to change emily as a person and for the first time she was really Emily and not just oh that is "so and so friend".


It was such a fast pace summer read and I really loved the romance as well. I loved the progression and how she handled cheating in this book and the effects it had. It was such a good book and hope to read more by this author soon.


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