Amy and Rogers Epic detour

Amy and Roger's Epic Detour - Morgan Matson

I really loved his book. This book follows the character of Amy and Roger and they need to drive  across country but they have never really met. This trip becomes long and drawn out but it becomes the adventure of a lifetime and they both really learn to face their fears and also learn to face themselves. This book was very focused on self-discovery for the character of Amy but also about forgiveness and I really loved that.


This book also had scrapbook element that followed the trip that they took and i really loved that idea and loved seeing reminders of their trip in visual form to me it made the trip feel more real. 


This book also dealt with death of parent and also addiction with a sibling and I liked how the book dealt with these topics and saw the effect it had on everybody lives not just the person addicted. 


This book did not end in  neat bow and I still have questions but I really loved this book.

This is a perfect summer read and I loved it so much. 


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