Take me on

Take Me On - Katie McGarry

This book was so fast paced and so much fun to read. I really loved the relationship that developed between Haley and West. You meet West in the crash into you and I loved really learning more about him in this book and how much Crash into you events really effected him. 


Haley home life was so hard to read about but i know that so many people in the world have similar stories to Haley. I loved the brother characters that really tried to look out for her and they became my favorite characters. 


I think he concept of fights and running away was so large in this book for both lead characters and eventually they each became each other home. I mean when Haley left time i was so throwing my book against the wall and could not wait to see what happen.


I liked learning more about Abby and i know we get to read her story soon. 


I think also the abuse in this book that occurred was so important for young girls to read about and see the dangerous impact it could have on somebody life.


I really loved this book and the story that was told.


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