Killer Instinct

Killer Instinct - Jennifer Lynn Barnes

This book i LOVED. It was basically another story in the Naturals world and this book delved more into Dean past and his father past. I wonder if in future books in this series we learn more about the others character past because most of them are so cryptic. I thought he case was so complex and I did not see the ending coming. 


I was caught off guard when Clark was killed and that was the point in the book that i stopped trying to predict what was going to happen. I also loved that we learned more about the "adult" characters and maybe why they behaved in some way. I thought the ending giving Jude much more say over what these "students" could do. I also liked the another books in this want just be another book about them wanting to go in active cases and being denied.  I liked that the series progressed and moved in to different path. 


I liked how we really saw the relationships between the character progress and also learn more about how there powers work as well. 


The romances were also good in this book and did not over power it and i wonder what will happen between Leea , Dean, Micheal and Cassie in the next book. I really loved the character of Micheal and hope on of the book focues more on his background.


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