The naturals:

The Naturals - Jennifer Lynn Barnes
  1. This book was such a good listen and I could not stop listening to it. 

It follows this girl Cassie that is asked to become apart of this FBI task force for super smart kids and she is there because she is profiler. She becomes involved in on this due to whim but stays because this new case they are working on is connected to her mom case. Her mom was murdered and they never found her body just alot of blood. This book follows her learning how to profile and also finding some answers to her mothers murder. 


This book was made so interesting by the various teenage characters relationships and they all have some type of baggage and it effects how they relate to each other and they is drama and romance and of course mayhem. I really loved this book and need to get my hands on the second on. 


I was a psychology major and this book was so cool to read about.


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