We all Looked up: Review

We All Looked Up - Tommy Wallach

I really loved this book. It is basically what happens when you learn the world can come to an end in 12 weeks. I loved the intensity of this book and also how many different characters thoughts that we got. We had five main characters 2 boys and 2 girls and they are all so different but this experience allowed them to in  a sense become friends. I also liked how this book really examined what would happen to the outside world if this was really going on and it felt really real to and it was intense read. I think that the characters and the realtonships that they developed really stood out to me. It is different take on end of the the wold story. I loved it a lot. I really loved a strong ending and this was left so wide open that I really wanted to know how the book ended but i understand that could have come across as rather cliche. I still wanted to know if they lived or died but I overall really loved the book.


What did you think of the ending if you read it?


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