I was here: Spolier review

I Was Here - Gayle Forman

I gave this book five stars. This book followed a character named cody trying to find answers about her best friend death. The book was cool to me because when meg died in many ways cody died too. It was like cody was not only finding her self in the book, she had to find out who she could be without meg. This book also introduced me to the concept of groups that encourage you to end your life. I mean who even knew that was a thing and that is a scary thought. The people we helping her in wanting to end her life. I think for Cody trying to find these people were so important because she did not want to blame Meg for her death and in the end she had to allow her self to do that.


I would love to see a book after this and see how this experience effected the person cody became!


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