Breaking all the Rules:

I really liked this book. It was the first new adult book i ever read and the sex scenes were okay for me. Intense sex scenes sorta of bore me after awhile but this book had the prefect amount. I am always more interested in character development overall and story then sex scenes. Most sequels don't need to be told but I really felt like this story needed to be told and that made the book very cool to read. It was obvious that these characters still had issues and one book did not solve them all. That is like life in many ways issues take years and years to get over and these characters are no different.


I liked seeing many of the character of pushing the limits again and meeting new characters as well. It also showed how different Noah and Echo life are and can they actually make it work in the end and it is question they are still taking about at the end of the novel.


Very strong novel that again dealt with hard issues!