Silver Shadows: Spoiler review

Silver Shadows - Richelle Mead

This book surprised me that i liked it so much. I was surprised because normally when people are trying to find each other the story looses appeal for me but this time i was so interested. I was so fascinated by the stories of the people inside the reform camp because what did they do that was so bad. The alchemists in this book made me so angry and the torture scenes were so cruel that i really felt for Syndey because what did she really do wrong? 


I liked that for most of the book these two characters were on their own and it showed a lot of character growth and dis growth. It made me grow to love Adrian characters even more. I did miss the focus on the side characters and hope to see that in the final book in the series.


I liked once again seeing rose and Lisa and think that next book they will be featured more. I really loved those characters and it was nice to see them more then a chapter or so. 


Between the Wedding twist and the Jill twist i was surprised! i can't wait to read the conclusion to this series!


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