Vicious: Pretty Little Liar Conclusion:

Words can not express how much I loved this book!


I really loved how sara shepard was able to bring this character to hell and then take them back to happiness for a happy and refeshing conclusion. I think in the past 12 books I kept wanting all these girls to have happy ending and it was always just out of reach and it was so sad for me because I was so invested in this characters and it made me scream the nobody ever believed them. Hench she did her job very well!


I was so excited to see how alison finally got payback and also to have emily in the key role as finder of said truth. I really loved that twist! I also loved how this book was so filled with drama that even I did not know how it was going to end! It made me hopefully for these characters lives and i know we won't see this world again but happy that they for their happy endings!


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