Unmade: Spolier Review

Unmade - Sarah Rees Brennan

I really loved this book. It did surprise me because the other two books in this series did not wow me but I loved the conclusion and how the series ended. I have also never read anything by this author before and I think it took a few books to start to enjoy her writing style. I still think she sometimes put humor before storytelling but the last book packed a large punch and told a great story.


I really loved the dynamic that was introduced between jarad , ash and kami! I liked how complex the relationship became and also how all the other realtionships came to an end point in this book esp. holly and angle. I did like how the ending made sense to me even though it was confusing at points. I think the is mostly because the first two books in the series lacked clarification on the world building and the magic. 


I think this book also worked for me because I grew to understand the characters and also love their humor and really enjoy the quips and comments that were said in this book!


I hated all the death in this book! But again murder is accepted in this book and i was prepared but it did make me sad!




Strong ending!


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