SteelHeart: Review

Steelheart - Brandon Sanderson

I really liked this book. Normally in superhero books the super heroes are good this book looks at what happens if the superhero is bad. I loved not only the writing in this book but also how the lead character of this book David. I think this book could have easily been a book about vengeance but it become something so much more then that with not only David but all the other characters in the novel.


I loved the concept of the rat tag group of rebels and how their group was really effected and changed by David. I liked how even though David spend so long planning even he did not have all the answers and that really sold me on the story because every needs help to push their plans along and in the end their plan did work. 


I loved also learning more about the developed of the epics hope to learn more in the future about them. I really did like David and Megan even thought i want it to become less insta love and more love. 


I loved the professor revel and i am curious why david is so good with the epic technology!

Hope to read the novella soon!


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