Starcrossed: Review

Starcrossed - Josephine Angelini

I love anything about greek mythology and this book is no different. This world building off the bat was mostly strong their are still some aspects of how people become demi gods that confused but  i am hoping my confusion will be cleared up in the next two novels. 


I really liked learning about helen and the demi god world from Lucas and how it seemed their relationships is already fraught with peril. i liked how the author really kept helena family in the loop even though the father was not directly part of this world. It makes me curious to find out who here father is now that we know she is no related to Lucas. I think that is may bring a lot of harm this these two characters and can't wait to see the fall out once the truth is out in the open.


I really fell hard for the character of lucas and hope that he gets to find his happy ending so way so how. 


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