Jackaby: Spolier review

Jackaby - William Ritter

I really liked this book as well. This book was a very strong for me. I loved both the lead characters of abby and jackaby. I liked how their relationships were developed throughout this novel. and also how side characters were also introduced and also how the mystery was developed. I did not see the mystery coming and that is sometimes hard to do for me. 

I really liked how the world was developed but as always with world that are fantasy i always want more and that means I am excited to read more in this series. 


I thought that this book is able to really become it own thing and not relay on anything but it def inspired by sherlock and dr. who but this story to me is both unique and different even though it losing combination of two popular ideas. 


I liked how abby really feel into this world unexpectedly but she was able to fit and find a home with these characters. I liked how complex the mystery was and also all the loose ends that we were left with. The book has hard and complex as it was was still very funny and that is something that both sherlock and dr. who do for me. 


I really loved how one chapter was removed and i can't get what could have been in that chapter  out of my mind and also how the end abby started writing down case flies like watsen would have done!
Very good book with strong world building!

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