Dare you to: Spoiler Review

Dare You To - Katie McGarry

She has done it again!

I am in love with this book. I want more of these characters like now. It was the most cool bad girl and good boy story.But it was also so much more then that. It really showed how characters that seemed to have nothing in common could be the thing that the other person needs.


I loved learning more about Beth past in the book especially because she was side character in pushing the limits and came across as such horrible character in book one and now so much of her character has been described. It was interesting to see her with the good boy and how that effected her and how she wanted to be better.


I liked how long it took them to get together because with a relationship like this that was fraught with hate it took a while to get to the fact they have feelings.


I thought it was so cool how they played with good boy troup and how Ryan was not only a good boy who could play sports, but he was much more. I loved the added element of his own family drama and also his love of writing.


I always want more form this characters and maybe one day we will get


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