Blood Of olympus: Review

The Blood of Olympus - Rick Riordan

I really adored this book! I loved this series so much and can't help hoping one day in the future we will see these characters again. I mean leo ending could not have hinted at that better without hitting us over the head. I loved the ending it made most things tied nicely. I did miss percy and annabeth perspectives but I don't think the story needed it and was so glad to see some new perspectives. I loved delving into Nico and Rena more. It was book that closed a lot of doors but left a few open especially a nice intro to his new series. It comes out next year and I am so excited.


I loved seeing more of the gods interactions especially in the final battle and seeing how all the relationships developed and progressed. The ending made my heart hurt but it was worth it.

I adore this author so much: Check out both my videos below:


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