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I read anything i can get my hand on! I love young adult books but I will read anything minus pure romance. I love fantsey and mystery but i am growing to love other types of books. In the fall i am going back to school to be theater teacher. I also recently stared book volging here is my link!


This book really took the Neverland Story and turned it on its head in such a cool way. I loved how this story was re imagined but also your history and global ware fare in a unique way. I loved how the characters were not only witty and fun but also so complex. I loved the world building and all the connections you could make back to the original story. It was such a fun and fast pace ride and such a quick read.


I would say the story was predictable at points but overall even being a retelling still kept me on my toes as a reader. I like how a majority of this story was told from kids POV even the character of hook and the mother really was the only adult in the story with a voice.



I still was not totally sure if this story was meant to be set in the future or set in the past but i hope the next book in the series will clarify that question.




Summer Of Sloane

The blurb on the back is right this a perfect summer beach read books this is both filed with drama, sun, sand and romance!


Sloane life is tuned up side down when a shocking truth about her boy friend and best friends turn her life upside down.


She winds up spending the summer in Hawaian town with sun sand and cute boys.


I liked how the story focused on only on young girl dealing with a her situation but also how do you forgive or should you forgive when the unthinkable happens. 


I also liked how the book really did not go the "traditional" happy route but really showed the story in realstic way. I think the romance was not prefect but the book did not really feel like triangle but could have.


I also liked how the story really used the ability to forgive people as a major point in this novel. I also loved the fact that Sloane was a twin and that relationship was the highlight of this novel for me.


I wonder if this book could start  series and really focus on all the other characters that we met in this story in their own novel. I really loved the seeing of both Settle and Hawaii and the story has a semi open ended ending and would love to see these characters again in maybe other novels set in the same world. 


I did a get a free arc of this from barnes and Noble feast:


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The Unexpected Everything:

Morgan Matson hit another book out of the park. This book was so good and I loved it. It is about Andie who summer gets messed up when her father actions cause her to loose her internship. It turns her life up side down but her new job changes her life forever and she meets this cute boy that challenges everything she has done in the past with relationships.


At the heart of this story minus the romance was also a strong female friendship between four girl characters and some boys sprinkled in but that friendship between those girls was what really made me love the story.


The story also follows the boy being creative and being artistic but being stumped and that leads him to create such a cool novel inspired by his summer and that was my favorite part of the series. I loved seeing him use parts of his life to create this new world.


The story also focused on Andi relationship with her dad and really help redefine their relationship and was such a important part of this book.


THIS BOOK was so good and I loved how honest the book was esp. in regards to friendship and love.


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The Serpent King:

Overall, this was a very gritty contemporary novel. It really was more of a self discovery novel for all the characters involved including travis, lydia and Dil. The book was uniquely told because even though it took place during the school year, the school was not really used a set a set throughout the novel. It to me felt like a summer novel because of that. It was a very realistic cont. for kids in modern day that live in smaller towns. I did really enjoy the realtionships between the three characters. 


The turning point was a sadly (spoiler) travis death. Again, another one of my favorite characters was killed and in such a cruel way but it def lead the book to become a romance and focused alot on self discovery. It was novel that looked at how to say goodbye to the people you love when you are leaving and they want to to stay. It also really focused on Dill issues with his parents about not believing in his future. 



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The Love That Split The World by Emily Henry

I enjoyed this book up until the very end. It had a unique premise that focused on some version of time travel. The book was a very complicated mystery that really kept me guessing until the very end but the end did not leave me very happy because it felt to open ended to me and I felt like i needed more ending clarity for me. But the mystery really pushed this book foward for me and kept me on the edge go my seat wondering what was going to happen. I did like how the book tried to explain how time travel or world traveling could occur. It also showed how one person presence could really change a world so dramatically. 


Overall I like the overall arc of the book with the characters and the world building but I did not like how it ended because it lacked the closure i would have wanted. It made me want more just so I could get my questions answered. 



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The Wondrous and the Wicked:

Overall this a great conclusion to the series. It was a great ending that justified both the world building and the characters. I was happy how the series ended and it even left up the possibility that we might get more. I still think ingrid and her Brother was the best part of this novel. There relationship really kept me engaged through the entire series but especially the last book. I also did enjoy the romance as well and i did feel the book had the right amount of romance that did not overtake the book because so many other things were happening. The world building in this book was so pretty and I really loved falling back into his world again and again. 



I thought that it was able to really end all the characters in unique and cool ways. I like books that challenge or do things different then what is expected and I feel that was done in this book.


I have compared this book a lot to the something strange and deadly series and they both have great world building but the main character really was the standout in this series for me.


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The Hunt:

I really thought this book raised the stakes in both character relationship and where the story took place. It had so many twists and turns that made me not want to put the book down. It also forced all the lead characters to put their feelings in the past and work together to get out of this dangerous situation. I still think Rolf is one of my favorite characters and liked that he was able to grow into a new and better character after all his drama.


I did not enjoy the character death. i thought it was well written and important to the plot but I just really liked that character. It was a really gut turning death and I did not see it coming and it caught me off guard. 


The ending was a very shocking and could be a very big game changer for the rest of the series but it was def a faster pace read and i became even more attached to the characters.


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Auto Focus:

i loved her first book the night we said yes and was so happy to get this cody for edelweiss. All these thoughts are my own.

I loved this book so much. We follow a girl name Maud who find her self with a family history project and not idea where she comes from because she was adopted and her mother died at her birth. She goes on this wild adventure to find out more about her mother and what that means about her. I loved her as a character and this book really focused on self discovery on many levels. I also loved how this book looked at how college effects friendships and how it can be a good and a bad thing at the same time. I did enjoy the romance as well but it did not over power the book by any means.

I loved seeing where Maud path took and loved seeing how it really changed her as a character. It was a fast pace read and the perfect summer read as well.

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The Flip Side:

If you are a gymnastics fan I rec. this read. This book is written by shawn johnson and It is fictional account of her life in gymnastics. Overall it was a great read the involved both Ya world but also gymnastics. I think the story did a very good job of combing stories from both her life and people she experienced in her life. It was such a fast pace read and I hope to pick up a finished copy of the last book to see if the ending was altered because It did end to abrupt for my liking.  


I was also invested in the friends and romance that developed and It felt like this story could happen to a girl going for the olympics. It was a super fast pace, engaing story. It was predictable at points, but I enjoyed the character and the story a lot.



Book given by eddlvise 



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The Glass Sword:

I did enjoy this book but this book was not constant in how unique the story telling was. Some points really did surprise me (deaths of some characters especially the queen) but the ending of Mare going with Maven was so predicable and I really was not wowed by the end of the book. The ending did not wow me but I loved the story overall. It really pushed this story further in a lot of ways and I loved all the new characters that we met as well. It really pushed this book in to more a encompassing story and not just one about some children trying to fight a war.


The new characters added some new drama and life to this story. I hope we get more of them in the next book and also Julian is back and that was nice surprise as well.


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The Hidden Oracle:

I was very impressed with this book. I loved getting a new narrator in the greek world. Apollo is such a a funny character and I loved how his story is so unique then all he only percy stories we got in the past. He is such a cool character to read from the POV from because he has so much history but I loved learning more from the head of a god and all his memories. He is such a ego driven character at the start of the story but really does change throughout it.  I love the percy Camos as well and I hope we get some more as the story goes on. It was so nice to be back in the greek world.




I loved the fact that this book bough back Leo BECAUSE that means he will be in so much more of the next book as a member of his team and that made me so happy. I loved that twist at the end and can't wait to see what happens next.


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Walk The Edge: Spoiler Review

i really loved this book. It was  step up from the book previous in this series. I think that is because i really grew to love razor in the book before and the character of Brenna was so awesome. It also addressed on a important topic in novels gifted and talented students and how that can be considered a learning challenge as well. These two characters should not even be together but they work so well and i love the romance that develops between them. It is also a great slow burn reationship as well. I though kyle really added drama to the story and his own issues really made this story even more complicated. I think the fact the Kyle was blacking her even added a level of modern day that happens all the time to kids. I think razor story about having to find out what happen to his mom, really lead me though this story and his story and that mystery kept me guessing. I was like brenna in the fact that i had to know what happen to razor mom even if it would keep me up past my bed time. 


Such a good book


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A study In Charlotte

If you like Sherlock holmes I rec. you read this book. It is a great update but unique sherlock holmes retelling. I loved it because we saw Sherlock as a girl and i have not seen that very often and it was even more unique because of the relationship that developed between these characters. I also liked how both of these characters were connected to these families but that was not the focus of the book. I also loved how complex this mystery became and how figuring out who it was kept twisting and turning and was such a complex ride. 


This book also did address drug use in a modern age and I also enjoy that about this book.


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Dispossed Series: Morgan: Beautiful and the Cursed and Lovely and The lost

I really enjoyed this series. I really enjoyed both the characters and the world building throughout both of these novels. I really loved the main character of ingrid and the presence of her twin as well. I love the presence of the gargoyles in these books and the mythology that was a created. I did also really enjoy the time period as well and all the characters.


The plot in both of these books just did not wow me nothing really suprised me and but it was a super fun ride to go on with these characters. I really excited to read this last book in this series. 


Paper Princess

Again this book was another super fast pace read but I was really not in love with ella and reed romance throughout this novel. Ella is suddenly taken to be apart of this royal family full of all boys because her father was the royal father best friend. The boys are arogrant jerks but Reed is gross and annoying. I don't like when these types of stories turn into love stories but that i what happen. I do enjoy the story on the fosters t.v show but that case is little bit different. My hatred of Reed really did color this whole book and right when i may have like it, you find him in bed with somebody who is not ella. I did love easton and ella friendship and overall the story telling but the romance really did effect my overall love of the book. 


i hope when the second book comes out in July, I may develop a different thought about reed.


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Glittering Court

— feeling question

I am very torn about this book. It was a very fast pace read but the story did just not wow me. I did enjoy the story but the main character was just not my favorite character and she annoyed me throughout the novel. The book was also a bit too predictable for me and I was not shocked by any of the events of the book. It reminded me a lot of the selection series by Cass and I had similar issues with that book as well. The author is such a good fantsay writer and I keep hopping for some more fantsay elements to be included or even any. It needed a pop and the story just did not have that for me. This book was in theory a stand alone and the other books will follow the other jewels and  I hope I am more invested in their stories then I was with this character.


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